The most important works completed in the past years:

Designs of c.a. 1000 signalling of different types (prepared by the firm owner, who has civil engineering entitlements to design and manage the civil engineering work)

Multi-lines civil engineering designs of c.a. 300 crossings.

Manufacturing of c.a. 160 crossings, including the building of:

  • Signalling devices,
  • Electroenergy supply,
  • Teletechnical wire,
  • Replecement of the surface of the road on the crossing.

    Civil engineering design and manufacturing in the range of rebuilding the rail traffic control devices (RTC), electroenergy and teletechnology at the following railway stations:

  • Łódź Kaliska;
  • Łódź Fabryczna;
  • Łódź Andrzejów;
  • Katowice Bogucice;
  • Katowice Ligota;
  • Warszawa Centralna;
  • Warszawa Wschodnia;
  • Lubliniec;
  • Działoszyn;
  • Miedźno;
  • Więcki;
  • Tworóg Brynek;
  • Kalina;
  • Tomaszów Mazowiecki;
  • Jedlicze Łódzkie;
  • Łowicz;
  • Las Suwalski;
  • Piotrków Trybunalski;
  • Pruchna;
  • Bęzelin;
  • Stacja Metra Warszawskiego - Kabaty
  • We have been making the design and manufacture in all systems of rail automatics devices.

    We have made thousands of legalizing relays, rail electronics devices and others.

    Our firm is known and respected for its quality and keeping to deadlines.

    We also possess:

    Admission certificates for devices designed for leading the rail traffic - issued by Main Rail Office in Warsaw:

  • Certificate nr U/2001/0202 concerning a modified automatic signalling device type SPA-1L

  • Certificate nr U/2001/0268 concerning a modified automatic signalling device type SPA-2L

  • Certificate nr U/2002/0036 concerning a device to control SHP rezonators INDUKTOMETR LK type - of which we are the manufacturer.